Program Terms And Conditions
Heartland Bank, Tell-A-Friend Program

The existing person making a checking account referral (Referring Person) will earn a free gift for each individual referred (Referred Person) to Heartland Bank and Trust Company who:

• Does not already have a Heartland Bank checking account;
• Opens a new checking account;
• Fulfills the stated offer requirements.

To make a referral, the Referring Person must agree to the Program Terms and Conditions. There is no limit to how many gifts a Referring Person can earn within a given year, but only one Referring Person may receive a gift for each Referred Person who fulfills the requirements (the first Referring Person that enters a Referred Person’s information will be the eligible Referring Person). The Referred Person may only receive one gift for opening a checking account and completing the requirements. That Referred Person is eligible as a Referring Person for any future referrals that they may make, even if they don’t open a Heartland Bank checking account.

In order to earn a free gift, the Referred Person must open a new Heartland Bank checking account after receiving the email or notification from Heartland Bank’s Tell-A-Friend program.

When opening a new checking account, the Referred Person must provide the same email address used in the Referring Person’s referral communication. All checking accounts are subject to the Heartland Bank’s Deposit Agreement.

The free gift offer is not available if the Referred Person already has a Heartland Bank checking account, and may not be combined with other offers. This program may be discontinued or changed at any time without notice.

The Referring Person authorizes the sending of communications to each Referred Person. The email will not be sent to the Referred Person if that person has already “opted out” of marketing communication from Heartland Bank’s Tell-A-Friend referral program. Each person who accepts the program terms and conditions authorizes future communications including emails regarding the program, unless they “opt out” by making an election within such email. The Referred Person acknowledges that a free gift will be issued to the Referring Person after all conditions have been met. An email with redemption key will be sent to the Referring Person to the email address on record. When a Referred Person opens a checking account by presenting a Tell-A-Friend email from a Referring Person, the Referred Person gives Heartland Bank permission to thank the Referring Person with a free gift for his/her referral. The Referred Person will not be mentioned by name or any other identifying information.

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